Kansas City Notes

We think we can say for all who went to KC we had a great time! Our robot finished with a ranking of 29 in a field of 54. We learned a lot and made many adjustments which should poise us well for STL this weekend.

This game is quite different from those of the past where an alliance member could play a role as "defense". There are no "defensive" strategies in this game other than, per se, to not participate in the cooperation points. Some teams almost consistently put 3 stacks of 6 crates, and the can with a noodle on the scoring platform for 42 points per stack for a total of 126 points. So there was no stopping them with any kind of defense!

We want to thank all who made this trip a success for the kids; in particular, Julie, Charlene, and Rick. They organized the food, hotel accommodations and made sure the details were all covered. THANK YOU !!!!

And thanks to all the parents who helped with transportation and other things we may have overlooking in the chaos.

Stay tuned. We will be sending out more information regarding STL on Monday or Tuesday via email and here on ravenrobotics.org.