2015 Parent Information and Off-Season Meeting Dates

Calendar Updates

Our first Off-Season and parent information meeting is this coming Tuesday August 25th. This meeting has a late start of 6:30 pm to allow parents time to attend. The meeting will last approximately 2 hours.

In addition we’ve updated the calendar here with all of this off-season’s planned meetings, and posted them at then end of this post. Copies will also be available at our meeting on Tuesday. 

All meeting times will be 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Have rides ready at 8:00 pm (Please)
Meeting place is Francis Howell Central High School.
We will meet in the Industrial Tech rooms.
These areas are easily accessed in the rear of the school building, near the trash dumpsters. Parking is available there also. This should be your drop off and pick up location for all students.

  • August
    • August 25th – Parent Information Night: This meeting is at 6:30pm instead of the usual 6:00pm.
  • September
    • September 8th – Off-Season Meeting
    • September 23rd – Off-Season Meeting
  • October
    • October 6th – Off-Season Meeting
    • October 12th-19th – FHSD District Fall Break
    • October 13th – Off-Season Meeting
    • October 17th – Gateway Competition
  • November
    • November 3rd – Off-Season Meeting
    • November 17th – Off-Season Meeting
  • December
    • No meetings scheduled during this month
  • January
    • January 9th, 2016 – FIRST Kick-Off, more information to come later

Note: We designate most of these meetings as Off-Season because these meetings are less frequent during the off-season, which is the semester in which there is not a FIRST Robotics build season.