Let The Games Begin

We hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and you are ready to begin the 2016 Build Season and Competitions. Here is what you need to know about the FRC Kickoff on Saturday January 9th:

    • Everyone is welcome to attend the kickoff. There is overflow seating in the school’s commons area for those that cannot be seated in the auditorium. If you plan on attending wear some type of Raven apparel. (Tshirt, sweatshirt, polo, etc). Wait in the lobby and once a group has arrived we will seat ourselves in the auditorium. If you arrive after we have entered the auditorium, you can enter the auditorium on your own (if capacity permits) or go to the overflow seating area.
    • We will meet back at FHC at 1:00pm. Lunch will be own your own between leaving the Kickoff and returning to FHC.
    • Transportation to and from the kickoff is on your own.
    • Saturday we will dismiss from FHC at 4:00pm. Please have rides ready.
    • We will then begin our build schedule as laid out on the Calendar.
    • Additionally: If you received product to sell as a fund raiser. Money from the sales is due on Saturday. Please remember to bring it. We want to complete our fundraiser so that we are concentrating only on the building of the robot!
    • 2016 T-Shirts will be ordered in early January.

Some final thoughts as we begin the build season…

The build season is short! Before you know it, it will be time to bag the robot. The key to a successful build season is organization and commitment to the task on hand. There will be a sign-in and out computer that you will be required to log in and out when you arrive and leave a build session. Please make sure you do that as you enter and leave. Next to that computer will be cases with name tags and eye glasses. Everyone must wear their name tag and eyeglasses at all times. Pick these up at the beginning of the each session and put them away at the end.

While the build season is meant to be a fun time for all, we must always remember that our primary focus is getting the robot built and tested before our first competition. Card playing and video games not related to the robot will not be allowed. There is always something to do related to our robot and our organization.