The End of the 2nd Week

  • The Chassis Metal has been cut, and the bottom part of it has been welded together.
  • The bottom part of the Chassis doesn’t have accurate dimensions due to weld issues, we will have to overcome this challenge.
  • The 10.5″ drive wheels arrived, and they are heavier than expected, at around 7 lbs.
  • The sockets that came with the wheels are believed to be too heavy, so we had sprockets custom built out of aluminium instead saving ~2 lbs.
  • Build team is prototyping a wench to lift the robot.
  • We are going to try to do a vertical “U ” shaped shooter, which will fold down to fit under the low bar.
  • Programming is trying to get the image system working.
  • The Field team finished the portcullis, and is working on other obstacles.
  • Electrical is currently looking at various options for where to put electronics in the robot.