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29 September 2016

We’re back on a long week in off-season, still preparing for Gateway on Saturday. As our build team put on the finishing touches of  the drive trains, our electrical team deconstructed various electrical components in order to give the freshmen a better understanding of the structure and function of the  components. Our pit team is being instructed about their duties at Gateway. In webpage, we finally got our website up and functioning. Furthermore, we’ve updated our heading bar so that companies looking to sponsor us can quickly see our funding options.

We’re one meeting closer to build season!

27 September 2016 Meeting

Tonight, we’re launching our off-season campaign to renovate our robot for the 2016 First Robotics Challenge. Our electrical team is rewiring the drive motors on last year’s bot and instructing the new freshmen on wiring techniques. The build team is fixing the gearboxes, the motors, and repairing the frontal arm of the robot. The new Freshmen in programming team are successfully learning to code functions in Python. We’re looking forward to an auspicious off-season and, looking forward to next year, a successful build season!


Tonight, we finally bagged our robot! After a harrowing quest to get the PVC climbing arm in place on the robot, in addition to working restlessly on our shooting mechanism, and finishing the wiring and programming, we’ve finally come to a finish on Operation Ravenhold. We would like to thank all the students and especially the mentors involved in our project. Finally, congratulations to Alex (Warhoover) , Alex (Wise), and Alex (Jones), the sole three members this year who have been coming to Robotics meetings from freshman to senior year!

Thursday of Week 5

Tonight at Raven Robotics, we’ve all got a great deal of work on the robot accomplished.

  • Electrical Team has shifted the positions of the wire in such a way to allow for a second raceway to fit on the bottom of the track
  • Electrical Team has also entirely wired the drive train
  • Mechanical Team has finished the wench system to allow the PVC arm to work
  • In addition, the Mechanical Team has ensured the PVC arm is fully functional
  • The Saber-metric Team has refined the team-determining algorithms
  • Business Team has updated and tweaked the Judge award scripts
  • Programming Team has continued to integrate the code to this year’s robot
  • Web team has added a new member and now will discuss the events of week-day meetings