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Updates during and about build season

February 11th, 2017

There is a week and half left in Build Season, and things are coming along well! Our “Robodex” to help with scouting is finished and ready for viewing robots, and we are now working on a way to compare two robots together. Our Sponsorship Letters to thank our sponsors are coming along very well, and almost finished. The Drive Train was finished today.


First Steamworks

New year, new kickoff: First Steamworks! In this year’s challenge, robots will give an airship flight by fueling a boiler and collecting gears for spinning rotors. You can watch the 2017 FIRST animation here.

This year, we focused hard on dissecting the rules for the challenge- from safety, to how to get points. This helped us come up with a strategy- everything! The most important thing our robot must do is collect and deliver gears. However, we want to challenge ourselves and have the robot do everything possible in the challenge to get the most points.

The 6th Week of Build Season

Today marks the ending of our last full week of the Build Season! Only three more days of work remain!

  • Programming finished the teleop code.
  • Sabermetrics (subgroup of programming)  has been working on a statistic generation program to help us get allies.
  • Build and Field team have been working on a Robotcart, as well as organizing and cleaning up the tool cart and supply closet.
  • Business worked on and finished a Safety Contract.
  • In Electrical Team, all the motors have been wired, save for Dylan’s arm
  • Mechanical has continued to work on the PVC pipe arm in order to scale the tower at the end of games

The Closing of Week 5

  • Electrical setup a lot of the wiring for this years robot.
  • Business worked on judging scripts to help aid students in answering the judges questions when asked about awards.
  • Interested students took this years Drivers Test to see who will be driving the robot.
    • The student officers are narrowing down the selection.
  • Programming found a way to modify messages sent to the robot into a more readable format.
  • Programming is also writing the autonomous code, despite not having a drive-able robot.
  • Web and Programming team are continuing to work together to improve their custom driving station.
  • The finished Shooter is mounted to the robot. 

The End of Week 4

  • Pieces of the arm for our robot were cut and riveted together.
  • The prototype wooden shooter is being converted into the aluminium version of the shooter that we will use.
  • Programming finished the filters for the vision recognition.
  • Programming  (Sabermetrics) also continued working on evaluating eventual alliance members.
  • Field team is currently working on bumpers for the robot.
  • Electrical finished and is installing mounts they had made this and last week.
  • The Website along with Programming teams published the first working version of Remige, which is a website control system for interfacing with an FRC Robot’s NetworkTables.

The 3rd Week Ends

  • Electrical, Programming, and Build team all helped scrap previous years robots.
  • Electrical Team started cutting mounts for electrical components
  • Programming has been working with making a camera work.
  • The Programming and Website Team are collaborating to make a web interface for the robots controls.
  • Field team has completed all the obstacles.
  • Build team worked on the drive train.
  • The wheels have been attached to the Chassis, and they are BIG.

The End of the 2nd Week

  • The Chassis Metal has been cut, and the bottom part of it has been welded together.
  • The bottom part of the Chassis doesn’t have accurate dimensions due to weld issues, we will have to overcome this challenge.
  • The 10.5″ drive wheels arrived, and they are heavier than expected, at around 7 lbs.
  • The sockets that came with the wheels are believed to be too heavy, so we had sprockets custom built out of aluminium instead saving ~2 lbs.
  • Build team is prototyping a wench to lift the robot.
  • We are going to try to do a vertical “U ” shaped shooter, which will fold down to fit under the low bar.
  • Programming is trying to get the image system working.
  • The Field team finished the portcullis, and is working on other obstacles.
  • Electrical is currently looking at various options for where to put electronics in the robot.

1/20/2016 Snow Day

Since Francis Howell has cancelled school today with all after school activities, we are unable to meet today. This was to be our make-up day for last night. We will now make this day up next week, Wednesday on 1/27/2016. Our next regularly scheduled is tomorrow, Thursday, assuming that does not turn into a snow day as well.

Week 1 Comes to a Close

This week, in week 1, the Build Team came up with a prototype Boulder thrower, which is one of the quickest prototypes our team has ever come up with. The ElectricalTteam came up with a possible electrical layout, based off of Guided Missile Components, slotting the electronic vertically to save room horizontally. Programming started taking apart the 2015 bot for parts and computer to update it for 2016. The Spirit Team came up with an idea for a flag made out of PVC pipe. The Field Team did a lot: including finishing two bases, the portcullis, and the low bar. As a collective team, we decided to have a bot go under the low bar, and we are still deciding how to fit an arm and a shooter into the robot.