Thanks to our 2017 sponsors, Raven Robotics made it to the FIRST Steamworks World Championship!

RAVEN Robotics’s generous sponsors enable our team to pursue our goals and live out our mission. Without them we wouldn’t be able to participate in FIRST Robotics. We are always appreciative of all our sponsors do for us.

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RAVEN Robotics is the FIRST team for the Francis Howell School District’s three high schools. FHSD provides us with funding, all of our workspace at Francis Howell Central High School’s PLTW Lab, and our school sponsor and mentor Mr. Reeves.
Francis Howell School District’s mission is to be a great learning community where children have the opportunity to reach their full potential. The district envisions excellence through collaborative cultures valuing students, teachers, parents, employees and the community as partners in learning. The school district shares our dedication to developing character, leadership skills, and promoting student involvement.

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Boeing has not only granted us financial support each year, but also many of its employees volunteer their time and energy as mentors. RAVEN Robotics Team 1288 would like to give thanks to Dave Fischer, Tom Brandt, Tom Mantia, Lou Pape and Dave Harmon for volunteering their time not only as mentors, but fellow participants in pursuing the FIRST goals.





GFI Digital is a highly regarded tech company with many provided services such as Managed Printer Services (MPS). They are rated a Pro’s Elite Dealer three years consecutively for the performance of their products relative to competitors.





HTE Technologies is a local company which produces many goods out of many facilities across the state. They hold several events for themselves and other local companies such as the “2015 world series of Manufacturing” to show off the products produced by said companies.



Nidec is one of the worlds most comprehensive motor manufacturer, which constantly strives to be the best in the business. They work closely with hundreds of companies worldwide.


Key Cornerstone Realty is a local realtor offering homes in many nearby communities, as well as offering mortgage services and various other services related to realty.

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Clicking on the picture above, or here, will take you to Royal Banks’ website.

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