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The 2016 St. Louis Regional Ends

Friday and Saturday were very eventful for us. Our robot did not perform perfectly, but when does it ever? We ended up having to disable the shooter as it did not perform, and the climber was not ever mounted. Our huge drive wheels were advantageous in driving over obstacles easily, so that is what we focused on. Eventually we ended up ranking well, after jumping up and down on the scoreboard.

We ended the qualifiers in 6th place, so we got to be an alliance leader! After a great job done by the scouts, we picked teams 1706 and 3397.  A valiant game was given by the drive team, and we made it all the way to the Semi-finals, but lost there. We’d like to thank everyone for their efforts this build season, and our alliance-mates for their teamwork!

Kansas City Here We Come!

We have been invited to the KC Regional.  The date for this regional is March 11/14/2015.  (School is on Spring Break).  Details on who needs to be where when at our Lunch meeting on Saturday.  Please discuss this with parents and begin to think about your plans.  We will have more information on Saturday,  We will need definite commitments by February 7th.  On this Saturday we will also conduct a mandatory District parent meeting for overnight trips.  If there is any chance you will be going to KC parents should attend this meeting.  The time will 12:30 after our lunch.  At that time parents will sign a document confirming their attendance at this meeting (Required for attendance in KC).